Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

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Huvafen Fushi Resort, North Male Atoll, Maldives

Enjoy white sands, glass-bottom ocean huts, and even an underwater spa.
Huvafen Fushi Maldives is a Luxury Boutique Hotel located in North Male Atoll, on a beautiful small and narrow Island, at 30 minutes by speedboat from Male Airport.

Huvafen Fushi ideally mixes Maldives style with hip and chic features : thatched rooms villas on the outside and on the inside, unique amenities, sophisticated design, contemporary furniture, high-tech equipment, and last but not least…cool events which all contribute to make Huvafen Fushi a truly dreamy island.

Creative and special in many ways, almost futuristic sometimes but remaining traditional and discreet, Huvafen Fushi is a unique concept introduced for the first time in Maldives in 2005 by Per AQUUM Retreats, Resorts and Residences, Worldwide renown for being one of the most creative Hotel Company in the World providing ultimate Luxury without opulence..
Behind this daring idea is a visionary Hotelier who wanted to create a Resort Island that would stand out from the rest of the Maldives Hotels and go beyond any traveler dream. Tailored for a high-end clientele looking for special experiences, Huvafen Fushi rapidly became one of the world’s hottest Hotel and contributed to make the Maldives one of the most favourite place for jet set travelers.

Rooms & Villas: 
As guess you have the choice of:   luxury beach bungalows, private villas all hidden in a preserved tropical vegetation, amazing water bungalows on the lagoon or reef side and 5 Luxury Dhonis. Each bungalow and pavilion boasts naturally modern spaces bathing you in contemporary design that highlights the beauty of the island. Select the backdrop to your experience in one of the original Maldives luxury hotels.
All rooms have a plunge pool, design lines and furniture, great views on the Ocean, featured with very thoughtful guest accessories and are equipped with the latest technology (iPod station, LCD flat TV)

Facilities and Activities:
The spa’s underwater treatment rooms offer a startling departure from the everyday massage, while above deck yoga and fitness programs are available. The hotel offers a perfect array of activities and spots to seduce all types of lagoon riders and/or snorkelers. Some of the best Diving spots of the area are also rapidly accessible with some of them situated just outside the island reef. If you love Music, Huvafen Fushi will undoubtedly please your hearing sense too. The Resort is a pioneer in combining both Chill-Out Music and the Maldives. The wonderful thakurus (butlers) can arrange a host of experiences for you, whether it’s joining an ocean expedition with the resident marine biologist or embarking on a sunset cruise to spot dolphins.
Diving:  With FLOAT at PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi, discover the underwater spectacle of the Maldives during the daily dive programs. Beginners can have their first glimpse of a whole new underwater world of fish and coral landscape with our “Discover Scuba Diving” course. Already tried diving before? Go on and complete your diving license – the hotel offer Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver certification courses that take just a couple of days. Certified divers can choose between double and single tank dives and a variety of advanced and specialty courses while children as young as 8 can also join in the fun with the “Bubble Maker” program.

Dining : 
Dining at Huvafen Fushi are among the best in Maldives, notably with 2 excellent over water restaurants: “Raw”, the 100% Raw Restaurant serving Spa/Healthy food, with front desk Chef and a few meters away, “Salt”, the fine Restaurant serving a creative fusion Cuisine influenced by Asia and Europe. Embark on a culinary journey with jewels from the sea. Dine in thousand-and-one-nights boudoir chic or on raw cuisine in a stilt-perched pavilion. Traverse the bold flavours of the most exquisite restaurants in the Maldives, or let PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi’s dream team set the stage for a seductive evening – flamed on the rocks, whisked to a private sand bank, or immersed in the shallows of the infinity pool with its fibre optic stars mirroring the night sky above.
Outpassing any dreams, the amazing Underground Wine Cellar (first of its kind in Maldives…) will astonish the most exigent Wine Amateur.  The main Um-Bar of the Island is great for a drink or a snack at any time of the day.

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Rating: *****
North Male Atoll, PO Box 2017, 08390 North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Very romantic destination, ideal for a honeymoon couple and even a family getaway. Great are the different food options! Underwater spa and wine cellar made us crazy.  NO Disadvantages!  Maybe a bit expensive. But we will definitely recommend this place.

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