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Welcome to Deluxe-Escapes.com, a stunning selection of illustrious deluxe hotels across the world.


About us:

Deluxe-Escapes.com was founded in Switzerland in 2014 by a group of avid travelers seeking to take their passion globally.
We understand that some travelers require only the best of the best. This is why we have created our “Deluxe-Escapes” website.
On Deluxe-Escapes  users can find the most luxurious, unique and impressive holiday escapes on our earth.
All these deluxe hotels deliver the best in service, hospitality, gastronomy, location, attention to detail, sophistication and outstanding facilities which the most discerning of traveller demands.
And we travel far and wide in search of hotels that meet our rigorous criteria.

With more than 200.000 followers at Facebook and Instagram and over 100.000 website visitors per month we attract each day potential travelers.


Our deluxe hotels:

Being a Five Star hotel is not enough to qualify to be part of our deluxe-escapes collection. We understand that some travelers require only the best of the best. This is why we have created our “Deluxe-Escapes” website.  Here on this site we have carefully selected an exquisite collection of the finest and most luxurious hotels on earth. These hotels deliver the best in service, hospitality, gastronomy, attention to detail, style & design, location, facilities which the most discerning of traveler demands. All of our listed hotels are carefully scrutinized before being selected and nominated for our hotel portfolio  by our team.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive list of unique luxury hotels some of which are considered the finest in the world as inspiration for travelers planning their next holiday escape.
Members of our Deluxe-Escapes team will provide you with a careful selection of the best hotels and resorts based on their stay experiences in the last few years.
We love impressive, amazing and unique luxury hotels that allow a soothing escape from a stressful lifestyle. Our  selection are leading the way for the ultimate hotel experience through innovation and luxury offerings.  Only the most deserving hotels are added to our unique deluxe hotel selection.


Our team:

We are presently working with a team of 8 professional hotel reviewers. Most of our members have been working in the travel industry for many years and some have held the highest positions in that field. They love their work and strive to create an invaluable travel resource for those who seek quality deluxe hotels.

Our Members:

  • Joerg M. Kampshoff  (CEO & Co founder of HolidayCheck)
  • Erik K. Margraf
  • Lukas Gerey
  • Dr. Katja Gueinzius
  • Daniela Wobith
  • R. Rutishauser
  • Rainer Fischer
  • Donato Longo

We are constantly traveling the world over in order to provide the most complete luxury hotel guide for our website users and clients.

If you have the same passion for deluxe hotels and you want to be a member of our team, please feel free to contact us



Holiday consulting:

If you are looking for the best hotels for your next holiday, we can help you.
Our team of travel experts personally review each property and provide hotel recommendations you can trust.
Please write us what you are looking for (date, country, region, style, persons, budget, etc.) and we will offer you the best deluxe hotel deals you can get !
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