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What Is a Travel Concierge ?

A travel concierge is your personal travel assistant who arranges customized and detailed travel activities per your request.

We can help you to book deluxe hotels, flights, private jets, tours and many more.

Your travel concierge consultant is available to answer questions for you before you depart, during your trip and wants to hear your feedback after you return. Pre departure information and country and city facts are provided. You will always have local contact information such as a 24 hour telephone number for your land operator in the case of any unforseen problems which may arise in every place that you stay.

Just like a hotel concierge is there to find answers to your questions and make reservations for activites, a travel concierge is here to provide personal service for all components of your tour.

Our Deluxe Travel Specialists have years of experience in booking the best flights and luxury accommodation, and of fulfilling essential but tricky visa arrangements.

Your Questions:

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We will happy to answer, assist and arrange for you.

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